Venice – First Day

We came home yesterday in the late afternoon due to a delay of our train, but I had three full hours of travel where I had all the time I needed to choose the best pictures of this journey. We only stayed there for 2 days, since we arrived on Saturday at midday and left on monday at 1 pm… but it has been the trip of my life. Keep on reading to understand why!


We arrived at the Hotel after like 40 minutes of walking with our luggage, taking them up and down the bridges we found along the way, discovering only in the evening there was a boat for public transport that had a stop just outside our Hotel.
Just the time for recovering our energy and we went sightseeing the city after eating something!


We went to the “Osteria La Lanterna da Gas”, which also had some Gluten Free pasta for my boyfriend Davide. He took spaghetti with bolognese sauce while I went for spaghetti with squid ink. They are made with cuttlefish and its ink, fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce. I enjoyed every bite as the fish was sooo tender and the taste was amazing!



As soon as we finished eating our lunch we started walking to Rialto Bridge and San Marco Square, which were actually at only 30 minutes from us, but it took us almost 2 hours to reach them as Google Maps dind’t work well and the road signs led us to the wrong direction… but finally we reached Rialto! The view from the bridge was wonderful and there were people dressed for the Carnival with fantastic dresses.



Anyway there were too many people on Rialto Bridge, so we immediately went to San Marco. I didn’t remember how majestic the Square was, and I’ve been there four times in my life, but never during the Carnival. It’s great ’cause there’s music and shows, people in vintage 18th Century clothes, and you can drink Vin Brulé… which is hot red wine with sweet spices and sugar. You will love it.


I had to take some good pictures (yeah, selfies) of me and Davide as I was so excited of being in Venice! It truly is a magical city, you should all go there at least once in a lifetime… and I suggest going during the Carnival, even if the weather it’s really cold, so bring all your heavy clothes with you, you’re going to need them!
We started walking back to the hotel as it was almost 6 pm, and we wanted to rest a bit before going to have dinner somewhere… but we got lost. Ahahah! We couldn’t find the right way to go back to where we came from since we were now on the other side of the river and the only bridges that we could use to cross it were too far from us. This is when we found out there was a boat that goes around the Canal! So it took like one hour to find where to take the boat, and it was dinner time.


We went to another restaurant which name is Dolfin and it’s a Pizza & Restaurant, the staff was great and also it was the food, so we came back also the next days for launch and dinner as they make a menù with first course, main course and side dish for just 17€! Once we finished I wanted to have some Vin Brulé so we went to a little bar who made a really tasty one, but Davide stopped on a bridge and did something thet changed this trip to Venice in something much more important.


…He knelt down before me with the most woderful ring in his hands and I was already crying and saying “Yes!” even before he asked the question. So we are now engaged, and we need to start thinking about the marriage…and I don’t even know where to start from! But we are so happy, and that’s all that matters!
The first day in Venice ended in the most perfect way I could even imagine, with the engagemente ring on my finger and a glass of Vin Brulé in my hands.

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