Venice – Second Day

Woke up early to have a good breakfast then I started preparing for the photoset we had in the afternoon, as I had to curl my hair and do my make-up. It was a photoset in vintage 1700 clothes, I had a blue, gold and yellow dress I made with my mom while Davide dressed as Lestat de Lioncourt from the movie “Interview with the Vampire”, but I don’t have any photo of the set yet!
Before meeting our photographer I wanted to take some good “Engagement pictures” with my camera on the bridge where Davide gave me the ring.


I would have done it in the right moment of the proposal, but it was already night and I wanted to have a natural light on such important photos! I do love this ring, I will write a full post about it showing it better with some macro pics and its little box.


I normally don’t smile a lot while taking pictures but, hey, I was so happy I couldn’t help but smile. Also, we found a chair right on the bridge we sat on to take pics together! It’s always a problem as Davide is quite tall and I’m… well, I’m not. He is more than 20cm taller than me, so taking selfies can become quite uncomfortable if I am not wearing high heels, and this chair just helped us out!


Then we went eating at a restaurant near our hotel before going back to our room in order to change for the photoset! I can’t wait to show you the pictures we took in the afternoon! I was really feeling cold as my dress wasn’t heavy at all, but we didn’t stay out too much…and we also took a Gondola to go back to the hotel!


In the night we went to Rialto Bridge and San Marco, hoping there was some music or any kind of party… but there wasn’t anything like that, and the Square was almost empty. So we just walked around hand in hand, enjoying our last night in Venice, and Davide bought me a red rose! I loved every single minute of this journey, and I hope to come back next year too… or maybe sooner!
Enjoy the night view from Rialto and feel the magic of this lovely city.


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