I took the DNA Test!

I want to start this post with a simple, but quite unfriendly question: have you ever had racist thoughts? If yes, what would you do if you discovered your DNA actually comes right from the ethnicity you had those thoughts about?
Stop for a moment and think about it.
Or maybe without speaking of racism, when you’re meeting some foreign people, they start speaking in their language ’cause they think you have their same nationality?
This thing happens to me everyday, as almost nobody thinks I’m italian. Mostly Russian people come right at me talking in russian, and they don’t even believe me when I say I come from Italy.


That’s why I decided to take this DNA Test, called “My Heritage”.
I want to know where I really come from, not the nationality written on my passport. I know who my mom and dad are, I know they’re born in Italy from Italian parents… but what happens when we go back in time, searching in the past centuries? Maybe I do have some ancestors from Russia or other East European countries I have never even thought about!


I chose this DNA Test over the others because not all of them are available in my country, and it was one of most cheap with the best results. Low cost, high quality!
You can make it comfortably at home, it wont hurt you as it doesn’t need any blood sample but just a small amount of saliva. Once completed all the steps carefully following the instructions, just send the envelope to the lab, and in 4/8 weeks you will have the results!


“My Heritage” Test contains:

  • Pre-compiled envelope with the Laboratory address (you add yours on the empty lines)
  • 2 cheek swabs
  • 2 vials containing a liquid
  • A small “Biohazard” plastic bag containing a cotton pad
  • Activation code
  • Instructions


To take the test follow the instructions carefully: you need to stop eating or drinking anything at least 30 minutes before taking the test (I went for 1 hour, just to be sure).
First of all, carefully open a swab without touching the cotton-like surface with your hand and rub it inside ONE cheek for 30/60 seconds. Then open one of the vials, insert the swab in the liquid and break the swab end inside (it has a small black line on it, it will break easily), then close the vial ermetically. Do the same thing with the other swab inside the other ceek, then insert both vials in the plastic bag on the cotton pad. Close it and put it inside the white envelope.


Now you just need to activate your kit online or with the smartphone app! Easy, isn’t it? It will only take like 4 minutes of your life, and in a pair of months you will know exactly where your ancestors came from! I think it’s one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever done in my life: in a few weeks I will get to know what my true origins are, and if they are completely different from what I expected.
We should all do this test, some people would be shocked by the results… and it’s not always a bad thing.

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