World Cat Day – My cats!

How many cat lovers here? I am a cat person, and I have a 2 years old cross-eyed ragdoll, her name is Anya!

Say hi to this little girl over here! I didn’t even know cross-eyed cat existed until I saw her… I immediately fell in love. She’s my little ray of sunshine, she helped me a lot when I was having a really bad period of my life. When I’m feeling down, I just hug her and everything is fine again!๐Ÿ’œ

I always loved cats since I was a child. I had other two before her, my old Minou died last august at the age of 16… She lived a long and happy life, not showing she cared very much of us, but in the end I know she loved us too. The other, Tasia, left us way too early, at just two years.


She was sweet and caring, and always by my side. I suffered a lot from her death, I felt so depressed I cried almost everyday for years… and that’s when I decided to take a kitten. My boyfriend is more of a dog person, so he wasn’t that excited of me bringing home a cat… but now he loves Anya.

He plays with her everyday, cuddles up with her on the sofa and in bed. He’s a good “cat dad” hahaha! Home is not home without a cat ๐Ÿ’œ or a dog, or any other animal, of course!

Do you have any cats? Or do you get along better with other animals?

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