Ouch! Wisdom Teeth Surgery…

Hey everyone! I finally feel like posting something. Some days ago I had to remove the last two remaining wisdom teeth. Surgery went fine, but they had to cut me more than expected, and they had to cut the teeth also. I am under antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines, but it keeps bleeding and hurting a lot, so that can’t sleep and recovery well. I can’t really concentrate due to the pain, medicines and the lack of sleep, though I have so many things to do….oh my! 😭

The positive thing is I can share some lazy moments with my kitty Anya, who loves sleeping on me! And I am also watching from the beginning all the Saint Seiya series with Davide! I wish to finish tomorrow the things I need to do… like mixing my vocals tracks for a new collaboration! Trying to get a little rest now before my check with the surgeon…

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