“Time to Say Goodbye”, my new cover on Youtube!

I’ve been working on recording and mixing my lead and backing vocals for this one in the past weeks! It’s a song I’ve always wanted to sing, but my voice was too young and untrained for it… now I’ve been studying hard since three years with my new teacher, I felt I could try to sing it. I tried a more operatic style than what I am used to do, to reach better those high notes Sarah Brightman does so perfectly. Now, that’s a voice I truly love!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: “Time To Say Goodbye” – Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman (COVER by Rehn Stillnight and Dan Vasc)

The parts originally sung by the italian singer Andrea Bocelli are, in this cover, by Dan Vasc, a singer/youtuber who does mostly metal covers like me. He is the one who had the idea of doing this cover and asked me if I wanted to join! I didn’t even think twice about it, I said yes and practiced hard until I liked the result.

Funny I am italian and this one is the first italian song I have ever recorded! Do you like this one? Which songs would you like to hear sung by me?

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