Almost summer! Flowers blooming.

I had to go to my parents house yesterday as I have singing class in the same town, and there was such an amazing weather I had to go out in just jeans and t-shirt! It was so hot it felt like summer. I don’t really like hot weather, but I do love how flowers bloom in this time of the year! My mom takes really good care of them, and they have a big garden, so it’s always full of colored flowers when springtime arrives.

I feel so happy to see all these colors in the garden! Yeah winter is cool, you don’t sweat and there isn’t almost ant bug or mosquito… but there aren’t flowers either! I tought it was all in the garden… but my mom has planted some out of the kitchen and she has also some on the terrace! I would love to have some at my house too, but I really can’t care about flowers… I’m awful at gardening!

How lovely are they?? Also, the last ones smell like vanilla! I think I will try to keep them alive at my home, just so I can smell them everyday (yeah I am a huge vanilla lover!). I spent some time in the garden breathing the first real spring air of the year before going to singing class.

Funny I was dressed with a flower t-shirt! I didn’t have in mind to take all that flower pictures actually hahaha!

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