Ready Player One – Review

If you follow my social pages, you know I am a cosplayer and I love everything that has something to do with videogames, movies and so on, that’s why when I saw the trailer of the new Spielberg’s movie “Ready Player One” I thought I HAD to see it.

Ready Player One – Trailer

There are so many Easter Eggs inside this movie like Gundam, The Iron Giant or Tracer (from Overwatch), Batman and Harley Quinn! Also, you can see the characters using in battle some weapons from well known films (Aliens, Dredd…).

The soundtrack is awesome and brings you back to the past years, as most of the songs are famous 80s hits. Many other Easter Eggs are from those years (platform videogames and the car from “Back to the Future”, which is the car used by main character Parzival).

Any videogame player can easily relate to the main characters: sometimes we search for a way to escape our problems and we find it in books, films or videogames. Many of us were also bullied in real life as kids, while in videogames we could play the role of the Hero who saves the world, and we no longer felt weak. When multiplayer games appeared we started creating an avatar and interacting with other players, who had our same interests. Many of us found friendship, others also found love thanks to videogames and to our avatars. That’s exactly what happens in this film: people of all ages live between the real world and Oasys, a videogame universe to which you can connect thanks to a technology very similar to a PlayStation VR, and here they walk, fight and live as their avatars. At first it will remind you of the anime Sword Art Online.

The main characters start growing friendship bonds and love interests even before they see each others in real life, and they go on missions together in order to find three keys, hidden somewhere in this alternate Universe, which can be found only if you solve intricate riddles related to the videogame creator’s private life. If you are a videogame player, you will be totally in love with this movie, and you will hate to leave the cinema once it is finished. I wanted to watch it again and again as it brought back memories of when I was a child and watched my older sister play videogames before I started myself.

Videogames have been one of the most significant parts of my whole life, thanks to them I have known most of my best friends and I found my future husband in videogames and cosplay conventions. All the movie is based on the idea of finding these “Easter eggs” and solving the riddles, and this took my mind back to old videogames where there was the main story, but if you were curious enough to wander around searching for something more, you would end up doing some hidden mission or find some rare treasure. In the next days, I suggest you to spend 2 hours of your life going to the cinema with your geek friends as I did yesterday and watch this movie together. You won’t regret it!

Casual Gothic outfit

I dress in total black almost everyday of my life, and not only for work, but because it’s the only solid “color” I like on me. Some days I also like to dress more gothic/dark, which actually is my true inner style, but I do like a more casual and elegant way to pull out my metalhead soul.


I was going to a convention with Davide, and since I wasn’t going to do any cosplay I dressed with a new bodysuit and skirt I bought at Bershka, along with those wonderful thights by Calzedonia and the leather waist chincher.


I completed the look with some accessories as the two studded bracelets and my favorite lace choker I bought on Aliexpress. Even thought I don’t have any full body picture, I was wearing some gothic shoes with platform heels I found really comfortable for long walkings!


I was wearing a nude metallic lip stain and some natural false lashes ’cause I didn’t want to spend too much time on doing my makeup neither it to be too heavy, but I also like to emphasize my eyes.
Below you will find the links to accessories and clothes I was wearing in the pictures!


Going to Venice

So we are in the train at the moment, on our way to Venice! We’re staying there a few days for the Carnival, today we will visit the city, and tomorrow we are going to dress up too!

I can’t wait to jump out of this train, I’m starving. We have eaten breakfast early this morning while I was packing the last things. Enjoy the view from the train!

We are there finally! Going to the hotel now then we’re eating something.

New Blog!

This is something I have been thinking about for the last few months actually… starting a new blog, this time, in english. I have followers from all over the world with whom I want to share what I write on the blog, so english language it’s the best choice.

This will be like a personal journal, I will talk about my life, my jod as a singer, cosplay, things I eat and recipes, new clothes I buy, “how to” tutorials and so on! I hope to make this blog interesting and useful mostly for girls, as I find myself following girl bloggers all around the world 💜

So, let’s start this journey together!