Ouch! Wisdom Teeth Surgery…

Hey everyone! I finally feel like posting something. Some days ago I had to remove the last two remaining wisdom teeth. Surgery went fine, but they had to cut me more than expected, and they had to cut the teeth also. I am under antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines, but it keeps bleeding and hurting a lot, so that can’t sleep and recovery well. I can’t really concentrate due to the pain, medicines and the lack of sleep, though I have so many things to do….oh my! 😭

The positive thing is I can share some lazy moments with my kitty Anya, who loves sleeping on me! And I am also watching from the beginning all the Saint Seiya series with Davide! I wish to finish tomorrow the things I need to do… like mixing my vocals tracks for a new collaboration! Trying to get a little rest now before my check with the surgeon…

Happy Valentine’s Day! (And Waffle Recipe)

Since we just went on a little journey together, we decided to celebrate this day at home. Normally we go to some restaurant, mostly japanese/sushi bar, but we decided together that I would make fresh waffles in the morning for the both of us, and then have something for dinner made by me or Davide. I woke up first to prepare all the ingredients for the waffles. I never made them before, so I thought it would have been much more complicated, but it’s the same as making pancakes! They are Gluten Free and Lactose Free, as my boyfriend is intolerant to both.


They’re quite easy to make! All you need for making four waffles is:

  • 1 egg
  • a spoon of sugar
  • half glass of soy milk
  • a glass of gluten free flour mix
  • two spoons of melted vegetal butter
  • a teaspoon of baking powder

Mix the egg with vegetal butter and sugar, then add the flour, the baking powder and the milk. Mix together until all the lumps are gone, then put it in the fridge for 1 hour. Spray the preheated waffle iron with cooking spray then put a large spoon of mixture on the iron, close and let cook for at least 5/6 minutes.
I decorated them with strawberries, chocolate topping, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream! Delicious 💜

In the afternoon I had to go visit a friend of mine which is going to get married soon, and I will be the one doing her makeup, so we made the first make-up test. I’m quite satisfied with it, she chose some wonderful colors as burgundy and gold, but it took us almost four hours to decide everything, so when I came back home it was almost 9 pm! I was already thinking about what I should prepare for dinner when Davide opened me the door and he has already set up the perfect St. Valentine’s table for us!



He bought me this “Love” marshmallow to eat after the dinner and also this fantastic Forever Rose I wanted since years! Feels a lot like “Beauty and The Beast” hahah! He just gave me a ring, I didnt’ expect also this wonderful gift.
The dinner consisted in tortellini with cream cheese and a shrimp cocktail both prepared by Davide. The tortellini were soooo good I could eat another portion! Girls, get you a man who treats you like a princess, and then treat him like your prince. Show you loved ones you care about them, cook what they like, tell them you love them! It can change a day.

They look so delicious…and taste just like that. Hahaha!
We spent the night after dinner watching the new tv series Altered Carbon curled up on the sofa with our cat Anya.
What’s better than watching an awesome movie or series with the ones you love?
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Hope it was as great as mine!